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Growing Cannabis Indoors Intro – Bingus Buds & Seeds

Greetings Cannabis Warriors and Welcome to Oregon Grown Bings Buds and Seeds.

This is an introduction video for this youtube channel

Bingus is a slang word for weed or cannabis. You may hear this word a lot on this channel along with the word Cannabis. Marijuana has too many negatives attached to it so that word will not be used. If we look up Bingus in the Urban Dictionary we can see that it is synonymous with weed or smoking weed. It’s a word I’ve used for years so it was a good choice for this youtube channel. Hopefully you will find it acceptable. Perhaps leave a comment of your favorite word for Cannabis below this video as it is always interesting to know what this great herb is called throughout the world.

Let’s talk about growing Cannabis. Cannabis can be grown outdoors or indoors. I choose to grow it indoors as it gives a much greater control on the environmental conditions. In Oregon and the Northwest it tends to rain a lot and growing outdoors can be problematic and hard to control. Not to mention many times it will get ripped off and that can be very discouraging.

Fortunately in Oregon it is now legal to grow and possess Cannabis. We have come to a point in Oregon’s history where putting people in a cage for growing a plant is no longer acceptable. You can grow 4 plants in private for recreational use, and 6 plants in flower if you have a medical card. If you have a medical card you can have an unlimited about of bingus growing in a vegetative state as of March 2016. That allows you to grow your Cannabis as large as need be.

If you are in a State where cannabis is legal it is always a good idea to look up the laws and regulations before getting started growing. Just google Cannabis laws for the state you are in and give the time to read them carefully. Because Cannabis is still not legal on a Federal level knowing your rights can be your best defense if something happens to go wrong. It’s a good idea to have a surveillance camera as well to make sure you can prove all is legal in your grow operation for protection against over zealous enforcement officers.

If you have a medial card, having a good relationship with the doctor that oked your medical card is important as well. Visit your doctor on a regular basis to make sure you can prove that Cannabis is the medication that works best for you aliment, whatever it might be. Bingus is one of the best ways to balance the human body as we have literally billions of endocannabinoid receptors that keep our bodies in balance. Cannabis has been a medication for thousands of years and it’s nice to see it making a healthy comeback.

When growing Bingus indoors it’s a good idea to do some research before you get started and many youtube channels can assist in that effort. I will list a few in the description below. Vader OG, Mr. Tight, and Medgrower1 are a few of my favorite channels.

Building a room or getting the right tent is something important to consider. I prefer to build my own rooms out of 2×3, and 1×3 with rigid foil wrapped insulation for the walls and door. I use sketchup, a free design program to layout the room. You can google sketchup 8 free download, and find the download for free. I will put a link in the description for a download, but as always be careful downloading free software as many times you will get some issues. You can always free hand a basic drawing as well if not as computer savvy for this product. http://www.mediafire.com/download/x5j29c9me98gnil/Google.Sketchup.Pro.v8.0.0.rar

Many times a tent will not fit the size needed and may not have your vents in the right place. Building your own space can save you money as well. Laying everything out before you build gives you a much better idea of how it will all fit together and a list of materials can be easy to put together.


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