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Increasing Cannabis Growth Rates

Secrets of the Pink Kush: How to Increase Cannabis Growth Rates
by Billy Budd
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Secrets of the Pink Kush
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Partial Video Transcript
Soil Composition
The density of your soil will have an impact on your growth rates. Denser soil will slow the growth rate. The denser soil will however, provide a higher quality product. If you are not using soil and are using hydroponic, aeroponic or a deep water culture system then the roots will not have anything to impede their growth and the growth rates will be the highest using this approach. The drawback here is that the quality will be noticeably lower.

The increase in CO2 will have a positive impact on plant health and growth rate. You should start out at about 400-500 PPM and end up at 1600 PPM for a diploid plant. Higher levels of ploidy (triploids, tetraploids) can handle higher levels of CO2. CO2 cylinders work the best as they are the cleanest and safest but they are the most expensive. Using a CO2 burner (typically propane) is a cheaper method but has a safety risk due to the fire hazard and too much CO (a byproduct of the burners) can cause the leaves to dry out and die. Increasing the air flow through the use of fans and ventilation from an outside air source can help. This is a quantity approach (passing more naturally occurring CO2 in the air past the plants) versus the quality approach of using CO2.

Planter Size
Increasing the size of your planter will increase the growth rates because the roots can grow without becoming root bound. The plants will actually sense the size of their environment and will slow their growth rate if they are confined to a small pot. If they sense a large healthy environment then they will grow much faster, healthier and happier.

Using the correct amount of nutrients at the right time will allow for the plant to grow in a healthy fashion and thus increase the growth rates. Follow the correct formulation for the particular strain and increase the PPM (parts per million) as the plant grows and matures. Along with the regular nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, one should also be using vitamins like SuperThrive (B vitamins and acetic acid which I believe is derived from the flowers of birch trees) and Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate).

Pruning and Topping
Pruning the plant correctly will help the growth rate and performing lolly popping/topping will increase the yield. There are two topping methods. The first is accomplished by a straight cut of the top part of the plant which is known as the apical meristem. The second is accomplished by performing a U shaped cut instead of a straight cut will create multiple tops. This procedure is known in the industry as FIM which is an acronym for “Fuck I Missed”. The reason for this name is due to this discovery being accidental, like many discoveries in science, including some of mine. Topping will slow the growth rate but will increase the yield due to multiple tops. It will take time for the plant to regenerate if you FIM or top it. This will increase yield at the expense of the quality as you cannot get something from nothing and it is part of the immutable laws of physics and/or nature. In general, a straight cut will provide a little more yield with a little less quality while FIM will produce much more yield with much lower quality than straight topping or no topping at all. I prefer no topping at all as I seek to obtain the highest quality.

Using the correct lighting and the correct distance (Metal Halide for vegetation and High Pressure Sodium for flowering) will help in the growth rates. If the lights are too far away the growth rate will slow and the node intervals will increase. If the lights are too close then the nodes will be tighter but the growth rate may be slower. As with everything in growing, you must dial it in.

Wind Movement
Ensure that you have a constant and good air flow around your plants in order to keep them healthy and to maintain a good growth rate. Stagnant air will slow the growth rate and cause other ngative health issues for your plants.

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