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San Francisco Medical Marijuana Doctors San Francisco CA Cannabis Cards SF

Medical Marijuana Doctors San Francisco CA Cannabis Cards
California is the first state to pass marijuana laws to allow medical marijuana to used for medical issues. Proposition 215 aka the Compassionate Use Act was enacted in 1996, allows San Francisco medical cannabis patients and their primary caregivers to utilize, possess and cultivate medical cannabis by patients who possess a San Francisco medical marijuana card recommendation from a doctor stating that the patient could benefit from the use of marijuana. The state’s legislature subsequently passed the Medical Marijuana Program Act in February 2003, establishing a voluntary San Francisco California state ID card program and a legal structure for collectives and dispensaries to distribute medical cannabis as well as protections for transporting cannabis.

Need your evaluation for a San Francisco California medical marijuana card?
Find a doctor for medical marijuana evaluations, cannabis cards, and recommendations in San Francisco California. Most SF marijuana patients want to find the nearest doctors office that can provide a legal marijuana card conveniently and professionally. Search our directory of local San Francisco cannabis physicians easily, quickly, plus effectively.

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