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The Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco

This is an informational video on San Francisco’s premier Therapeutic Cannabis Club.
The Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco is incorporated under the Cooperative Corporation laws and regulations set forth by the State of California. Accordingly, the Vapor Room Cooperative conforms to all City and State laws and regulations governing Cooperatives as well as Medical Cannabis Cooperatives. We operate as a not for profit based Cooperative and direct proceeds towards operations, member services and charitable contributions. The Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco is a Therapeutic Cannabis Cooperative committed to serving member- patient needs with the highest level of compassion and professionalism. We strive to provide the finest quality medicine in a safe, relaxed, and comfortable environment. We are committed to establishing a healthy and caring community by educating our members and the public about the benefits of therapeutic cannabis as well as offering a variety of health and wellness services that provide beneficial opportunities for our members to enrich their lives. The Vapor Room Cooperative advocates compassion, tolerance and understanding towards people from all walks of life. We also understand the intrinsic need for communication between doctors, patients and cannabis providers in order to effectively serve the diverse needs of our members.
The Vapor Room Cooperative features a beautiful, well designed dispensary that provides therapeutic cannabis in its various forms. We proudly make available our cozy, clean and comfortable lounge with Volcano vaporizers at every table and water pipes available for onsite use. Our facility conforms to the highest standards set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act [ADA] as well as the San Francisco Mayors Office of Disabilities. We boast a convenient, compliant wheelchair ramp as well as a spacious, accessible restroom, lowered display counters and transaction area that accommodate all wheelchairs. Knowing that we are a facility that caters to many members of the community that have compromised immune systems we provide our members with sanitized pipes, water pipes and vaporizer mouthpieces. The Vapor Room Cooperative [VRC] distinguishes itself from other dispensaries by emphasizing the use of non- carbonizing vaporizers as a healthy method of introducing THC into the body and is one of few dispensaries officially permitted to allow on- site consumption of therapeutic cannabis. There are multiple Volcano brand vaporizers distributed throughout the lounge for patients to enjoy at their convenience. These vaporizers are considered by many to be the best vaporizer available today although they can be cost prohibitive to many of our fixed income members. In our lounge, you can feel free to relax with fellow members and share your experiences with others in the community. We also offer an array of non- inhaled cannabis options, such as tinctures, salves as well as a wide variety of cannabis infused condiments, savories, juices, teas and more! We have an efficient air filtration HVAC system with an outtake vent to remove all residual smoke and an intake vent to provide constant fresh air. The VRC is highly committed to being an ecologically responsible member of this planet. We use biodegradable cups and utensils, we recycle and compost all appropriate waste and only use natural, non- toxic cleaners and products.

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