Getting a Medical Marijuana Card-Lyft Me Up San Francisco MSG 0006


This message is the full process of getting a Medical Marijuana Card made in California. All the intricate details have been mentioned and this is a response to the age old question “how do I get a medical marijuana card made?”

I mentioned Rosa Parks in the end of the video and I think she’s AWESOME! If you don’t know who she is, check out this link.

Also if you haven’t seen the Comedy Central Roast or Charlie Sheen, get on that!

This is the first season of my new web series called Lyft Me Up San Francisco. My name is Zia and I’m a Lyft driver and as I drive around San Francisco, I like to ask my current passenger to leave my next passenger a message. During this web series, I’ll be reading those messages out and sharing my thoughts. I hope to get your thoughts as well and engage in a meaningful but mostly goofy conversation with you YouTube community.

This web series is base on a book that I published last year called Lyft Me Up San Francisco which is a compilation of messages that my passengers left in my car during their rides. You can buy that book using the link below.


Facebook: @LyftMeUpSF


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