San Diego Medical Marijuana War Continues


War on Medical Marijuana patients in San Diego continues! —— Eugene Davidovich Preliminary Hearing Operation Green Rx / Endless Summer

My name is Eugene Davidovich and I have been a resident of San Diego for over 20 years. I am a medical cannabis patient and operated a non profit collective here in San Diego until last February when my house was raided and I arrested in Operation Green Rx later announced by the District Attorney in a press conference as Operation Endless Summer.

In this operation a local San Diego Police Detective lied to his doctor about his identity and condition, obtained a valid recommendation for medical marijuana and joined the majority of the medical collectives and coops listed on the San Diego section of the CA NORML list.

The detective called me and joined the collective. While pretending to be a sick patient, he requested that I deliver medical cannabis to him. Having seen him once and provided him with a ¼ ounce of medical cannabis, I am now facing 4 felony charges, $65,000 bail, and permanent damage to my professional and personal life.

This was a clear and direct attempt to shut down all non profit medical marijuana collective cultivation/distribution efforts in San Diego.

Please join me in the struggle for patients’ rights to collectively cultivate and distribute medication by supporting me in court on July 13th, 2009.

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